Tax Strategies & Planning

The financial decisions you make today can significantly affect your annual tax liability. It’s essential to work with a CPA and create a tax strategy optimized for your family and your business.

At Layson, Treadwell & Spires CPAs , we believe a sound tax strategy is the best way to reduce your overall tax liability. Our experienced team offers financial advice and helps you make adjustments that can lead to potential tax savings.

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Our Approach to Tax Planning

As a business owner or as an individual interested in maximizing your wealth, it’s important to trust a CPA to create a tax plan that limits your tax burden. Our accounting team takes a personalized approach to create a tax strategy for you and your business.

Our experienced accounting team works with you throughout the year to:

  • Examine your financial snapshot

  • Recommend financial decisions to reduce your tax liability

Our Tax Planning Fee Structure

Layson, Treadwell & Spires CPAs is a family-owned CPA firm that’s dedicated to enhancing the financial outlook for our clients. We know our clients’ budgets and needs vary, and that’s why we create a customized billing structure that works best for your specific situation. Whether you prefer a fixed rate or hourly billing, you can trust us to structure our service in a manner that meets your needs.


Related Tax Services

Many clients that select Layson, Treadwell & Spires CPAs for tax planning also choose us for tax preparation services. By selecting the same CPA firm to handle your tax strategy and preparation, you can consolidate your financial services under one roof and rely on our trusted CPA to manage all your comprehensive tax needs.